Dear Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Students,

Dear Sendai students,

The cellists of the NYSE and I would like to extend our deepest sympathies for what has happened in Sendai and all over Japan. We hope you and your families are safe, and that conditions continue to get better and better. In New York city, we were devastated to hear about what happened to Sendai, one of our favorite cities, and hope to visit you there again very soon.

All the best,
and Lauren.

To the Students of Sendai Ikuei School Orchestra,

To the Students of Sendai Ikue School Orchestra,
As a member of the NYSE for several years, I have grown very fond of this orchestra and getting to meet students as talented and motivated as you are every year. I was very saddened to learn and follow the news of the horrific earthquake and Tsunami that Japan experienced recently. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your families. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. My wife is from Sendai and her mother lives in Natori, we feel very fortunate that she survived and is safe. We look forward to coming back to Japan this year because we hope we can lift people's spirits and hopefully motivate you to continue on in this extremely difficult time. Every year we come to Sendai to teach you, but I think this year we will have a lot more to learn from you because of your bravery and spirit.  Joshua Frank (Trumpet)





倉田 さやか

Dear Sendai Ikuei Gakuen students

 I would like to express my greatest sympathy to you, your families and friends. The triple cataclysm of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor breach have given rise to a great test of the human spirit. The Japanese people have risen to this challenge, as evidenced by their patience and tenacity.
For those of us who have not personally experienced this degree of devastation and hardship there can be no true way to fully appreciate the toll.
In the weeks and months to follow japan will rebuild and, as it has many times in the past, not only survive, but thrive again.

Garo Yellin
NYSE member V.Cello

I am Brett Deptula, the timpanist for the New York Symphonic Ensemble. I am writing from New York which is very far away from Sendai, but my thoughts lately have been in Japan, and I hope you and all the students I have met in Sendai are safe and healthy. The warmth and friendliness you have shown me and my colleagues has been overwhelming and I hope I get to see you soon!

Brett Deptula

Dear Friend,

Greetings from New York City. It's been a tough year for you and the nation of Japan. We're sorry that you all have suffered so much from the earthquake and am hope that Japan will continue recovering from everything that has happened. So many lives lost and families affected, but I'm so glad that you're safe and alive. I've never been in an earthquake, but I hope that you will stay strong and know that everybody here in the United States wishes you well. Japan is such a beautiful country and culture. Sendai is one of my favorite cities in Japan! It's such a privilege when New York Symphonic Ensemble visits you every summer. I'm looking forward for this summer and hope that I'll get a chance to talk to you in person.
Wishing you, your family, and your friends a swift and safe recovery,

Sycil Mathai
New York Symphonic Ensemble

Dear Students of the Sendai Ikuei School Orchestra,

Please know that you and your families are in my daily thoughts and prayers. I have always been amazed by the passion and pride that you have always shown toward our joint concerts together. In these dire times please do not give up hope. Believe it or not, you can be a beacon of hope and possibly provide comfort for all of those in your community by continuing to pursue your musical ambitions. Be it through playing local songs of your town for your families or performing duets in public for those in hospitals or for those in need at homeless shelters. Continue to be creative and may you be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. I hope that I may again have the opportunity to work closely with all of you in the very near future.

Roman Cisneros
Clarinetist, New York Symphonic Ensemble