Education and Career

Guaranteed University Admission

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School works collaboratively with many universities to assist with student enrollment into specific university programs. There are over 250 participating universities both in Japan and abroad.

250 universities requested to be a guaranteed or affiliated school

542 faculties / 1056 courses / 1233 students

Examples of Participating Universities

Chuo University  
Daito Bunka University  
Dokkyo University  
Gakushuin University  
Hachinohe University  
Hosei University  
Kanagawa Institute of Technology  
Kanagawa University  
Kansai University  
Kanto Gakuin University  
Kitasato University  
Kyorin University  
Meiji Gakuin University  
Meiji University  
Nihon University  
Rikkyo University  
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  
Sapporo University  
Seijo University  
Sendai University  
Senshu University  
St.Marianna University School of Medicine  
Takushoku University  
Tamagawa University  
Teikyo University  
Tohoku Gakuin University  
Tohoku Institute o fTechnology  
Tokai University  
Tokyo City University  
Tokyo Denki University  
Tokyo Dental College  
Tokyo International University  
Tokyo Keizai University  
Tokyo University of Agriculture  
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Sciences  
Tokyo University of Science  
Toyo University  
Waseda University  
Lakeland University  
Beijing Foreign Studies University