School Information


Our school, which advocates a dualistic approach to education, is located on a vast site installed with a full range of facilities to create an ideal educational environment.
In addition to a variety of classrooms for students to concentrate on their studies, the school is also equipped with the latest sports facilities that are used to develop professional athletes. The voices of students echo all throughout the red brick buildings, creating a bright and healthy school life.

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Campuses Guide


【Sendai Station→ Miyagino Campus】

▼JR Senseki Line: Sendai Station to Miyaginohara Station (4 min.)
      About a 1-minute walk from Miyaginohara Station to Miyagino Campus 

【Sendai Station→Tagajo Campus】

▼JR Senseki Line: Sendai Station to Nakanosakae Station (17 min.) 
      About a 5-minute walk from Nakanosakae Station to Tagajo Campus
▼JR Tohoku Main Line: Sendai Station to Kokufu-Tagajo Station (13+ minutes, no transfer)
       From Kokufu-Tagajo station to Tagajo Campus【Shuttle bus service to and from school

【Miyagino Campus→Tagajo Campus】

▼JR Senseki Line: From Miyaginohara Station to Nakano Sakae Station (13 minutes)
      From Nakanosakae Station to Tagajo Campus, 5-minute walk.
▼The "Happy Line"also operates during the school day (bus service between Tagajo and Miyagino campus).  

Miyagino Campus

  • Hokushin Building
  • Nanmei Building
  • Eikoh Building
  • Zelkova Hall
  • Oak Room
  • Physical Education Practice Room
  • Library
  • WIN Room
    WIN Room
  • Chemistry Room (Science Lab)
    Chemistry Room (Science Lab)
  • Physics Room
    Physics Room
  • Rose Hall
    Rose Hall

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Miyagino Campus 【Drone Footage Promotional Video】

Tagajo Campus

  • Glory Hall
    Glory Hall
  • NC Hall
    NC Hall
  • South Wing
    South Wing
  • East Wing
    East Wing
  • Lions Hall
    Lions Hall
  • West Wing
    West Wing
  • Global Clock
    Global Clock
  • Hokushin Building
    Hokushin Building
  • Global Room
    Global Room
  • Library
  • Music Room
    Music Room
  • Tea room “Eishoan
    Tea room “Eishoan”
  • Leo Hall
    Leo Hall
  • Shinshoen (Baseball Field)
    Shinshoen (Baseball Field)
  • Multi-Purpose Ground (Soccer Field)
    Multi-Purpose Ground (Soccer Field)
  • Rugby Field
    Rugby Field
  • Tennis Court
    Tennis Court
  • North Glory Hall
    North Glory Hall
  • Kendo Hall
    Kendo Hall
  • Judo Hall
    Judo Hall
  • Kyudo Hall
    Kyudo Hall

Sendai Ikuei Gakuen Tagajo Campus 【Drone Footage Promotional Video】