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Educational Philosophy

The founding principles of our school are "Sincerity", "Confidence", and "Responsibility and Determination". "Sincerity" is the "natural human spirit of earnestness" itself and is the "way of life and thinking as a human being" that we expect from our students. The seven articles of the School Life Philosophy were established to embody the concepts of "Confidence", and "Responsibility and Determination" as the means and methods to uphold "Sincerity". "Confidence" means not only to be frugal and physically fit, but also to accumulate physical and mental strength in a comprehensive manner through self-improvement. "Responsibility and Determination" means to challenge oneself without setting limits to one's abilities, no matter the circumstances.

Our school is steadily progressing toward its 125th anniversary. Since its founding, the school has strived to nurture talented individuals who can respond flexibly and contribute to the needs of society while accurately grasping the demands of the new era and civilization. We have been working diligently to develop distinctive educational activities as a private school, based on our history of over a century and the solid tradition we have built up.

From here on, we will continue to be aware of our role as a private educator, and while facing a declining population we will incorporate timely and appropriate management of the school in order to accurately grasp changes in social conditions, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, globalization, and diversification of values and lifestyles that accompany the development of an increasingly information-oriented society. We will develop talented individuals who can flexibly respond to these changes and contribute to their society.

Most of the Miyagino Campus school buildings were damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 and had to be rebuilt, but the completion of the new Miyagino campus school building in just two years is recognized as a symbol of the reconstruction of the school, and further reconstruction projects are planned.

In the 2016 fiscal year we implemented the International Baccalaureate (IB) and further upgraded the Tagajo campus, ILC Aomori, and ILC Okinawa. In the future, our goal is to continue our unwavering commitment to school development in terms of both educational environment and content, and to realize the founding spirit of the school.

Seven Articles of School Life Philosophy
We will make concessions for each other
/ We will build positive relationships
We will refine each other
/ We will reach our true academic abilities
We will reinforce each other
/ We will make our bodies strong
We will admonish each other
/ We will live principled lives
We will forgive each other
/ We will build a harmonious school
We will be grateful to people and things
/ We will live modest lives
We will take initiative
/ We will do our best for the world and for others