外国語コーススピーチコンテスト 受賞者全文 2022

2021/22 Topics 外国語コース 英語スピーチコンテスト  受賞者全文


1st place

「We are all Heroines」
外国語コース2年 古田さん

This spring,  I came across a book that shocked me. 
It's called "Born in'82, Kim Ji Young.
Some of you may have heard of this book, which has sold more than 1.3 million copies in Korea, was made into a movie, and caused a firestorm when Irene of Red Velvet said she read it. The book is all about non-fictional feminism, and doesn't fit into any genre such as novels or essays. 
However, when you hear the word "feminism," some people may not feel comfortable with it.
In fact, even though I didn't have much knowledge about it, I had a biased judgment that it is just man-hating.
I think this was due to untrue information flooding the Internet. However, after encountering this book, I was able to change my biased judgement and thoughts, and I am standing here today for women who are living strongly in this era.
First-of all, feminism is.a part ofour everyday lives.
We are born as girls, and we live our lives in a way that sometimes puts a burden on our minds and bodies without even realizing it.
Firstly, women are seen and victimized as sexual "objects" for men on a daily basis. 
This includes molestation and sexual violence. 
70% of women who have had such experiences are unable to talk to anyone about it, or if they do, it's hard to make people understand.
Secondly, there are husbands who leave all.the housework to the women and wield power over them. 
But with the increase in the number of dual-income families, there is now an idea that two people in the same household should be in the same position. 
Third, there is less social advancement and wages for women in society.
Full-time women are paid about 75% of full-time men, and no matter how hard they work, they do not get paid the same as men. 
Although there is no longer as much discrimination between men and women as there used to be, the situation is still the same. 
However, when we think of feminism as something that we are familiar with and are a part of, what should we do as women? 
First, we need to take care of ourselves. 
In fact, I was once forced to speak up when an adult man talked to me about sexual matters and was amused by my reaction. 
I didn't feel good about it, but because he was an adult and I couldn't disobey him, I laughed off the unpleasant feeling.
But that's not taking care of myself, it's just hurting me. 
It's important to say out loud that you feel uncomfortable, rather than holding back and saying.
You can also participate in the "#Me Too" movement, where you can share your experiences and encourage others to do the same by using "#MeToo" in the social media. 
Secondly, we want to make more people aware of feminism.
Until I read this book, I had no knowledge of feminism, but I want everyone to know that feminism is really a part of our daily lives and is something that I can relate to.
I also think that if these realities faced by women are discussed in schools, you will become more and more interested in and knowledgeable about feminism. 
Especially since most of the students in this foreign language course are girls, I think it will give us a chance to think about how to live their lives as a girl and a woman. 
I want us teenagers to take an interest in this issue, learn about
it, and raise our voices in small ways, so that when we grow up, women will not be swallowed up by the male society, and can live more proudly. 
Since everyone is the main character in their own life.


2nd place

「What am I living for? 」
外国語コース2年 太田さん

I think there is no single right answer. Is there a correct answer?
This question is the same as "what is your dream?"
I have been thinking about what I want to do for a very long time.
However, I could't answer the question.
When I was a primary school student, I wanted to be a singer.
I can't think this dream will be realized in the future.
But, it was the profession I really dreamed of.
However, when I entered middle high school, a feasible dream was demanded .
The number of people who dream of becoming a public employee and office worker has increased.
I was no exception.
But I could't find what job I want to be?  And what I want to do?
In the first place, I thought, What' is a dream? 
So I investigated the word's meaning.
That means it was the ideal you wanted to achieve.
When I saw that , I thought that a dream job is not a job which I have to realize. It was a part of my longing.
Certainly, there are various ideas.
Someone will say, "Dreams are the things that enrich your life.".
Conceivably, the other _one will say my dream is something I "don't need to think about."
What about you?  No matter what you think, it's pot a mistake.
No idea is wrong. But no idea is correct.
Because I think there is no correct answer for everyone in common.
It is natural that we all live in different environments and think differently.
Under such circumstances, I found an answer for me. That was to Live with a moderate goal and aiming for a better now.
That doesn't mean that I won't decide my dream in the future.
For example, I try to Make Today Better so I can Make January 1st, in 2025 Better.
That means I am improving today for my future.
In this way , I always think to make my future better, as I make today better.
I think we need something like a dream, a goal of what I live for. But it is not the reason to live .
I thought To live for myself and to follow my dream, the reason to live is the only goal.
Namely, There is no clear answer to the question of what are you living for Based on that idea, I will achieve the goals in front of me one by one and create a better present.


3rd place

「The Mystery Village」
外国語コース2年 諸橋さん

Have you ever heard "Showamura"? It is a small village located in Okuaizu, Fukushima Prefecture. The population of Showamura is approximately 1000.
Personally, I am familiar with this village because my relatives live there, and I have visited there for many times. However, the name of the village "Showamura" is not well-known by most of the people.
Let me tell you about the village.
At first, I'd like to tell you about the traffic-signal over there. Usually, when you travel, you can see a numerous numbers of traffic lights along the road, don't you? But Showamura is different. There are only two traffic lights, and vehicles are hardly running there.
You might ask why the only two traffic lights are there? The answer is to let the children know about the traffic signal. If they grow without having the knowledge about the traffic-signal, it will be dangerous for them when they will leave the village in future. So, the traffic lights were built only for learning the rules of signal.
Second, it's about shopping. Usually, we have a numerous numbers of convenience stores and supermarkets in our town. On the other hand, Showamura has only small stores, and you cannot find any convenience stores in this village. If you want to go to convenience stores, you must cross a mountain. Moreover,1 the residents of this village are mostly old people, and they don't drive cars.
The villagers cultivate vegetables, fruits, and rice in the fields; however, they buy meats and other essential.materials from the neighboring stores.
Surprisingly, they still hunt bears because there is a lot of nature there. in fact, long time ago, my relatives also used to hunt bears.
Third, it's about housing. There are some houses which have been built lately, but almost all roofs have features. The roofs are steep and triangular in sharpness to drop snow when winter comes.
And there are some houses which have warehouse. My relatives also had it. It has been destroyed, but there were some books and tools which were used many years ago.
Unlike our house, the entrance has a wide dirt floor. My relatives had a horse there to carry heavy stuff and plow a field.
I have briefly introduced three features of this village with you, how were they?
In Showamura, currently also people live who moved from other prefectures, however, the population is getting decreased there. The rate of elderly people is 56.9%. It is a serious problem. Most importantly, unoccupied houses are increasing, which is worse! My relative also stay at care center due to aging and her house is unoccupied.
Showamura is full of nature, and residents are kind and warm. There are some hotels and Michinoeki built near at the location, which focused the attention on international tourism.
Unfortunately, due to coronavirus outbreak, tourists don't come there these days. If you have the opportunity, please visit Showamura, which is full of beautiful nature.
Thank you for listening.