Course Introduction

Skill Development Course

Corresponding to enter universities, vocational schools, and employment
You can choose courses that lead to your future career.

Skill Development Course

  • Tagajo Campus
  • Co-ed

This course is corresponding to employment, vocational schools, and universities. For those who wish to go on to universities, we offer courses to prepare for entrance exams, and for those who wish to go to vocational schools or work, we offer specialized courses such as basic infant care, automobile maintenance techniques, and trimming. In addition, with our substantial job hunting support, we have a 100% employment rate every year!

Goals of Skill Development Course

  • Educational goals

    Nurturing local technicians who have the necessary skills for collaboration, imagination, and creativity, as well as habits of living and learning based on the normative consciousness of the Seven articles of School Life Philosophy, and who demonstrate a high level of performance and professional ethics for regional development.
  • Career Guidance Goal

    Our goal is to guide students to enter a university, college, or vocational school, mainly through comprehensive or school recommendation selection, or to find a job in an industry where they can utilize their technical aptitude.

For students who have these goals

  • Aiming to acquire qualifications in their fields of choices and/or pass certification exams
  • Those who wish to challenge on various things and find a career path that suits them

Four points of Skill Development Course

  1. Establish Kumon English skills in the first and second years

    In the first and second years, Kumon English is taught and practiced, and from the second year, students study subjects that correspond to their career path and respond to the diversification of career paths.

  2. Adoption of various certification tests as general subjects

    Students are encouraged to acquire qualifications, such as the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Test, the News and Current Affairs Proficiency Test, and the Zensho Business Information Processing Test, as part of their education. English and mathematics proficiency examinations are also offered as part of the school curriculum.

  3. Set up a number of elective courses for popular professions

    A number of elective courses such as information processing technology, pet trimmer, pastry chef and bakery, basic infant care, and automobile maintenance technology are available.

  4. Practicing Active Learning in the 21st Century

    An online shopping mall called "Sendai Manabiya" was opened, running by the students themselves, to explore local issues through active learning in the 21st century.

Major enrolled Universities

  • Meiji University
  • Chuo University
  • Nihon University
  • Senshu University
  • Kokushikan University
  • Kagawa Nutrition University
  • Tokai University
  • Shoin University
  • Tokyo University of Technology
  • Kanto Gakuin University
  • Josai Uniersity
  • Bunkyo University
  • Tokyo International University
  • Tokyo Zokei University
  • International Budo University
  • Ashikaga University
  • Yamanashi Gakuin University
  • Seibi University
  • Kobe Gakuin University
  • Tohoku University of Art & Design
  • Tohoku Gakuin University
  • Tohoku Fukushi University
  • Tohoku Institute of Technology
  • Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University
  • Miyagi Gakuin Women's University
  • Shokei Gakuin University
  • Ishinomaki Senshu University
  • Sendai University
  • Sendai Seiyo Gakuin College
  • …etc

※Results up to March 2020 graduates

Messages from Current Students

Student Voice 01
School setting subjects 【Patissier & Bakery】

Learn the basics of confectionery in a real workshop

What is attractive about this course is that the school has a dedicated workshop where we can learn in authentic facilities. The course teach us how to make pastries from the basics, but since it is basically just the students making the pastries, I think it is easy to understand the process. In the future, I would like to become a pastry chef.

Student Voice 02
School setting subject 【Sendai Manabiya】

I want to challenge myself to do new things

In high school, I chose "Sendai Manabiya" because I wanted to start something new. I visited companies and tried requesting banner ads from them. From now on, I hope to set up contents from Sendai to show the city’s uniqueness and strengths in a new product line as the name suggested.