Course Introduction

Shukoh Course

Under the curricula of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
to enter universities in Japan or abroad.

Shukoh Course

  • Miyagino Campus
  • Co-ed

With "Language, Music & Science" as the core of our education, we nurture students as globalists who will be active in the international society. The school offers inquiry-based classes in small groups to meet the new university entrance examination system. As an International Baccalaureate accredited school, we aim to prepare students to enter major universities in Japan and abroad using the IB qualification.


Goals of the Shukoh Course

  • Educational Goals

    Nurturing global citizens with advanced academic skills, rich sensibilities, and an awareness as lifelong learners, who will contribute to the building of a sustainable society with "sincerity".
  • Career Guidance Goal

    Our goal is to nurture students to be able to enter difficult-to-enter domestic and overseas universities, including medical, dental, and pharmaceutical schools, through a variety of entrance examination systems, including general selection, comprehensive selection, and IB special selection.

For students who have these goals

  • Students aim to enter public universities, difficult-to-enter private universities, and domestic and international science universities.
  • For students who wish to hone their skills in small-group, inquiry-based classes.

Four points of Shukoh Course

  1. Foster global literacy.

    With "Language, Music & Science"as the core of our education, we nurture global literacy (the ability to understand other cultures) to cooperate with people from all over the world in different cultures.

  2. Aiming to enroll in medical, dental, and pharmaceutical universities and *domestic super global universities.

    As a school accredited by the International Baccalaureate, we aim to prepare students for admission to domestic and overseas medical, dental, and pharmaceutical universities, as well as *domestic super-global universities, using DP qualifications through our small-group, well-developed classes.

    * Universities selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Super Global University Creation Support Project
  3. Preparing for the New University Entrance Examination System with the IB Education Program

    Through inquiry-based conceptual learning in the IB program, students develop logical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and expressive skills, as well as the ability to respond to the new university entrance examination system. For more information on IB, click here.

  4. The latest ICT environment and active learning

    Develop communication skills and presentation skills in English under the latest ICT environment and one laptop computer per person. In addition, a joint science experiment course "Science Collaboration" will be held in conjunction with the Special University Preparatory Course.

Writing a treatise that cultivates an attitude of inquiry, logical thinking ability, and problem-solving ability

In the first year, students will write a report of up to 6,000 words on what they have observed, done, or researched as a Personal Project for the MYP (Middle Years Programme) based on their own theme, and present their work and results. In the third year, as a summary of their DP (Diploma Programme) studies, students will conduct their own research on a topic of their choice from among the subjects they have taken in the DP and write an extended essay (maximum 8,000 characters in Japanese, 4,000 words in English). This is an extended essay.
In the International Baccalaureate learning program, you will develop the skills that will be needed in the future, such as the attitude of setting and exploring tasks, the ability to think logically, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to express.

Major enrolled Universities

  • The University of Tokyo
  • Kyoto University
  • Tohoku University
  • Hokkaido University
  • Keio University
  • Waseda University
  • Sophia University
  • Tokyo University of Science
  • Meiji University
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Rikkyou University
  • Chuo University
  • Hosei University
  • Gakushuin University
  • …etc

※Results from the first class (2002) to the 19th class (2020) of Shuko (former Shukoh Course and Shukoh Middle School)

About the Shukoh Course and the external selection test【2020】

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  • About the features of the Shukoh Course

    In the first year, students study in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Secondary Education Program (MYP), and in the second and third years, students study in the Diploma Program (DP) to qualify for university entrance exams.

  • Obtain a high school diploma and DP certification

    Obtaining a DP qualification is, in a sense, obtaining a universal transcript. More than 1,800 colleges and universities around the world recognize the IB credential as a criterion for admission. At Sendai Ikuei Gakuen, students also take the required classes to graduate from high school, so they can both graduate from high school and earn a DP certificate at the same time. In addition, students can take the general entrance examination to enter universities.

  • Relevance to university entrance exams

    (1) Overseas Universities
    More than 1,800 universities around the world recognize the DP qualification as a requirement for admission.

    (2) Public Universities
    You can apply for the IB entrance exam, although some people worry that the number of applicants for the IB entrance exam is too small. However, the number of applicants for the IB entrance exam is very small, and it is not uncommon to have zero applicants. In addition, what you have learned in DP will be a great PR. The university entrance examination system will change in 2021. Students will be evaluated not on what they know, but on what skills they have acquired. The skills acquired in the DP will be greatly demonstrated in essays and essay-type questions that include the use of materials. In addition, the use of e-portfolio will begin in earnest, and the evaluation of high school activities will begin; inquiry activities, CAS (service activities, etc.), and Extended Essay (equivalent to graduation thesis) in DP will be highly evaluated as evidence of deep learning in high school.
    ※Students will be required to take extra-curricular courses to learn the content of the Common Entrance Examination for University Entrance Examinations, which is not covered in the DP.

    (3) Private University
    You can apply for IB entrance exam. As in the case of national and public universities, what you have learned in DP will be a great PR asset in the recommendation and AO examinations. In addition, many private universities require three subjects (or less) for liberal arts courses: Japanese, English, and geography; and three subjects (or less) for science courses: English, mathematics, and science.

  • Relationship with the new high school curriculum guidelines

    In the new curriculum guidelines for high schools starting in 2022, it has been announced that the subject system of Japanese language and geographical history will be significantly changed to bring it closer to overseas curriculums such as the IB. As a result, university entrance examination questions will have more in common with the IB.

  • Shukoh Course in Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School

    The main feature of the Shukoh course is the IB education. The differences between the Shukoh course and the foreign language course where IB can be studied at our school are as follows.

    (1) IB-Focused Program
    The Foreign Language Course is divided into the IB Course and the regular course from the second year, but the Shuko Course is an IB-only course. In addition, MYP classes will be offered in the first year of the Shuko Course.

    (2) IB Program for the Sciences
    While the Foreign Language Course focuses on the humanities, the Shuko Course offers a program for the sciences. (A humanities program is also available.)

    (3) Boys are also admitted.
    While the Foreign Language Course is open only to girls, the Shuko Course is open to a total of 10 boys and girls.

Messages from Current Students

Student Voice 01
Daily Classes(MYP)

This is an environment where you can improve your skills beyond the boundaries of your subject.

 The classes can help students develop skills that transcend subject boundaries. For example, in mathematics, students write a blog about the class, and I write it in English. In addition, with the latest ICT environment, students can acquire skills that will be useful in society in the future.

Student Voice 02
Daily Classes(DP TOK)

The question "Why?" comes out naturally.

 TOK* is a discussion-based class. By discussing a theme, students learn to look at things from various angles, and learn to ask "Why?" and "How?" came up naturally.
TOK=Theory Of Knowledge